Fawori PY2K

Cement- and acrylic-based, two-component, fully elastic waterproofing material.
Used for the protection and water insulation of all types of building elements on interior or exterior, vertical or horizontal surfaces, foundations, curtain and sustaining walls, wet areas like bathroom, kitchens and balconies, hot springs, Turkish baths, water tanks, and swimming pools. Cannot be used in areas exposed to negative water pressure.

» Highly adherent.
» Fully flexible.
» Water-tight. Chlorine water-tight as well.
» Resistant against water pressure and impacts.
» Capable of bridging cracks.
» Forms a permanent layer without any joints and attachments.
» Capable of breathing.
» Applied with a brush or trowel.
» Easy and fast to mix. Does not require water.
» Safe to contact with drinking water.

TS EN 14891'e uygundur
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