Fawori Fibrous Aquablock

A fiber reinforced, elastomeric acrylic copolymer resin-based, water-based, single-component, ready-to-use, elastic, white water insulation spread material that is developed for surfaces which are considered risky for water insulation along with ease of application on all types of surfaces.

Can be used especially on the joints or sections with cracking risk on indoor or outdoor horizontal and vertical surfaces like flat and inclined roofs, terraces, balconies, pools and water tanks, corners of gutters, eaves and chimneys, and concrete, plaster, brick, zinc, galvanized and briquette surfaces. 

» Enables easy application of water insulation materials over cracks.
» Ready to use.
» Easy-to-apply semi-fluid.
» Covers tough surfaces easily. Low labor cost.
» Elastic.
» Adheres perfectly to all types of construction materials.
» Maintains its elasticity in temperature changes
» Resistant against weak chemicals.
» Enables the surfaces to breathe.
» Does not contain any solvents.
» Decorative. Produced white, it can be colored with tinting tubes (only 4-5 shades) or it can be painted with only water-based paint with the same elasticity.

TS EN 14891'e uygundur.
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