Fawori TR 7.5 Stonewool

Fawori Stonewool TR7.5 Thermal Insulation Board is an inorganic thermal insulation board produced by melting volcanic rocks such as basalt and dolomite in high-temperature crucibles and turning them into fiber fibers.

» Offers superior thermal insulation with its ideal thermal conductivity coefficient (λD = 0.037 W/mK).
» Provides perfect sound insulation with its exclusive fiber structure.
» Used safely in all facade systems in line with the regulations with its class A1 reaction to fire.
» Enables lighter, easier and faster application with its ideal density and plate dimensions.
» Ensures high energy saving throughout the building life cycle with its ideal plate thickness and mechanical resistance in line with the standards.
» Ecological and environmentally-friendly with its world-class production technology and natural raw material content. Does not dust.
» Produced in line with the TS EN 13162 Stone wool Product and TS EN 13500 Stone wool System standards.

Product Size
60cm x 100cm

Produced in line with the TS EN 13162 Stonewool Product and TS EN 13500 Stonewool System standards.

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