Fawori T150 Stonewool

Fawori T50 Stone Wool Terrace Roof Board, produced by melting volcanic rocks such as basalt and dolomite in high-temperature crucibles and turning them into fiber fibers, is an inorganic board developed for terraces and roofs.

» Offers high thermal resistance with its thermal conductivity coefficient (λ = 0.037 W/mK).
» Has compressive strength against loads that may overload
» Used safely on terraces and roofs with its Fire Endurance.
» Has high level of water repelling and low water absorption value.
» Has a high sound absorption value especially against external effects.
» Provides a comfortable environment with its breathability.
» Manufactured with full size stability with cutting-edge technology.

Product Size
60cm x 100cm

Produced in accordance with the TS EN 13162 Stone wool Product Standards

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