Fawori Black EPS

Fawori Carbonaceous EPS Thermal Insulation Plate is a carbonaceous polystyrene-based thermal insulation plate that is produced in line with the TS EN 13163 Insulation Materials Standard.

» Thermal conductivity coefficient λD = 0,032 W/mK’dir.
» High water vapor permeability (μ=20-40). Prevents humidity, moisture, and mold in structures.
» Ability to stand all mechanical loads in structures. Prevents the formation of plaster, paint, and coating cracks resulting from expansion, shrinkage, and wall wearing.
» Reaches the perfect size balance by resting in accordance with the standards after production, there is no deviation from the square over time.

Product Size
50cm x 100cm

It complies with TS EN 13499 and 13163
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