Fawori T1 Prepared Mortar

Cement-based, coarse repair mortar containing lime-free, polymer modified fillings developed to partially or fully correct, fill and repair a surface.

Used for repairing the interior and exterior normal or light concrete surfaces, cracks and holes, correcting the surfaces to solve size errors, leveling the surfaces before ceramic or tile placement, repairing small problems, filling and repairing broken or fallen corner pieces. Used securely in filling gaps or holes up to 10 mm on such surfaces and creating smooth surfaces by correcting the size errors.

» Manufactured in line with DIN 1164 and prepared with Portland cement and Silica sand at the suitable sieve and particle size.
» In a structure that can be used in 1.0 – 10 mm thickness at a single application. The largest particle diameter is 0.5 mm.
» Perfect adherence strength.
» Does not crack, shrink, sag or sink during application by ensuring smooth polish.

TS EN 1504-3/Nisan 2008’e uygundur.
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