Fawori Fiber Mesh Extra S160

Fawori Fiber Mesh S160 is a specially coated glass yarn woven mesh with a screen range of 4x4 mm, with high alkali resistance, used in cement-based plaster applications.

Technical Specifications
Strength value before alkali test - EN 13496: 2002 (E)
≥ min. 40 N/mm (warp and weft)

Strength value after alkali test- EN 13496:2002 (E)
≥ min. 20 N/mm (warp and weft) - (24 hours in Ca (OH) 2, NaOH and KOH solution)
» Complies with TS EN 13499 and TS EN 13500.


50 x 1 = 50 m² rolls

Produced in line with the TS EN 13499 and 13500
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