Fawori Optimix Decorative Coating (Thin Grain)

Cement-based, light, top coat interior and exterior coating that creates a natural texture on the surface.

Application Areas
Used safely on finished plaster, smooth rough-cast, concrete, gas concrete or on old self-supporting silicate or acrylic-based paints for renewing or on thermal and sound insulation materials like polystyrene-based and rock wool plates.

» Cement-based exterior coating with high vapor permeability.
» Weather-resistant and water-repellent. Prevents moisture accumulation.
» Easy to apply and pattern due to its lightweight form.
» Adds a natural and decorative appearance to the structure. Provides a homogeneous pattern on the exterior surfaces thanks to its granule harmony.
» Hides surface defects.
» Ensures full adaptation to surfaces of application.
» No cracking and flaking.

25 KG craft bag

It can be stored for 12 months, dry and protected from moisture

TS EN 7847’e uygundur. TS EN 13499 ve 13500’e uygundur.
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